Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Cool Eagle Scout Project

This is from Fox News ...

LOS ANGELES — A teen-age Eagle Scout from Southern California is trying to make a difference in the lives of troops around the world while also paying tribute to his grandfather.

Evan Hunsberger, 19, from Orange, Calif., took the special prayer book his grandfather used during World War II and had it republished for local military bases.

Little did Hunsberger know that the book, which comforted his grandfather during combat, would also end up providing solace to troops fighting today.

In addition to raising money to republish the prayer book, Hunsberger updated it with 40 additional prayers from rabbis, Muslim clerics and women to make it more diverse and reflect modern-day armed forces.

When Pentagon officials heard about the project, they ordered a million copies and agreed to distribute them, though that was before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. They can’t take on projects like that now because of security risks. But to date, at least 120,000 have gone to troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here are some interesting facts about Eagle Scouts. In the listing of notable Eagle Scouts, however, they forgot to include my beloved husband.

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