Booyah is in the Air

Guess what! Someone did a Yahoo! search on "chicken booyah," and it led them to this blog!

Of course, someone recently did a search for "hillsboro oregon party girls," and it pointed them here as well.

But is that cool or what? Has anyone else noticed that "booyah" is becoming more predominant in the popular culture as the elections approach? Does this have anything to do with anyone getting the Wisconsin vote?

Or has "booyah" only become more predominant among my small circle of blog readers and writers? Hmm ...

By the way, I've added a few links to the right-hand column of this blog, including Nocona's PCT Journal (which I'm transcribing) and Cousin Drew's Mind Garage (which I am not transcribing, but try to comment wittily on every now and then). Oh, and I added Zebby's "Planet Zeb" internet radio station as well.

Hope y'all are having a booyah Friday!

UPDATE: The blogosphere is apparently infested with booyah. It's the headline for both Cousin Drew and Cousin Veronica today.

Does this mean that I am cool? 'Cause I have booyah stuck in my head, too? Does it mean I am ... with it? That would be so awesome. I have never in my life been "with it," not once, not ever.


Andrew said…
Don't worry, you're safely distant from being "with it" :)

Here's another one to clutter up your head: Ooh snap!!

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