Booyah is Coming Up Fast


I cannot get this word out of my head.

It's been in there for weeks now. It must be caught in a particularly deep brain groove.

I did a Google search on "what is booyah" and came up with this:

booyah is also a chicken stew which can be found in its true state in the upper fox river valley of eastern

booyah is usually associated with church picnics

booyah is found

booyah is a thick chicken stew that many believe was created in northeastern wisconsin by walloon belgian settlers

booyah is

booyah is my alter ego

booyah is a thick chicken and beef stew created by walloon belgian immigrants to northeastern wisconsin

booyah is $2

booyah is primarily chicken with lots of variations in preparation and ingredients

booyah is mainly a local thing

booyah is ranked 2 and has played for 9h15m in 5 days real name

booyah is ranked 5 and has played for 7h36m in 5 days real name

booyah is ranked 16 and has played for 38m in 30 days real name

booyah is a funny word

booyah is simmered slowly over a wood fire in a large drum

booyah is a thick

booyah is the name of our band and someday we will be stars

booyah is out of businness

booyah is sweet

booyah is the name of the gang

booyah is a type of chicken soup favored in northeast wisconsin and often served at large festivals and gatherings

booyah is really a

booyah is capitalized in a sentence

booyah is wearing that same ol' batman mask

booyah is a party freak

booyah is scheduled for the busy weekend of november 10

booyah is coming up fast

And then there is this little rhyme, from "Belgians in Heaven" by Frederick Heide and James Kaplan. It's from a website that tells us that "booyah rhymes with doo-dah." (???)

Cheese curds, booyah and beer,

That's what I like to hear.

I may be kinda pokey,

But I say "okey-dokey!"

To cheese curds, booyah and beer.

Mm. Sounds yummy.


Boula Boula!









Lekipolus Carbidustippus!

Supercalifragilistic ...


Is it 5:27 already?

I'm going home now.



Anonymous said…
I love me some "booyah." Glad I could get it stuck in your head.

Cousin Veronica
Stacey said…
Hoo-wee, my cousins are hilarious today. I'm still crying at Veronica's list. Whoo...


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