Back from the Weekend

It's Monday morning. I'm back. Still in Overwhelmedland, but at least I'm not drowning in the middle of the great big murky sea. Even though I got in this morning and found an e-mail from my editor asking when I was going to send my article that was due Friday. Argh. There seems to be an e-mail glitch when I send things to her e-mail. Sometimes the article makes it, sometimes it doesn't. So I e-mailed it again this morning and hope the editor doesn't hate me.

Anybody wanna hear about my weekend?


Yes, the article was written by the time I was roux-making in the kitchen. My wonderful husband chopped up all the veggies for me, so I was all set to start cooking when I got home around 6:00. Bob was already at the house, and Dan had a loaf of bread baking. (Did I mention that my husband is wonderful?) Pat and Analisa arrived around 8:00, and John shortly after. The six of us sat down to a meal of gumbo and homemade bread. I went a bit heavy on the cayenne pepper in the gumbo, so it was too spicy for my taste, but everyone else seemed to like it, even Analisa, who doesn't like okra or andouille sausage (note to self ...).

Weird. Where I grew up, gumbo and jambalaya are about as normal as hamburgers and french fries. It always surprises me that some people don't like okra and andouille sausage.

So I felt kind of bad about that. But the big cast-iron pot of gumbo was empty within a half-hour, so I must've done something right.

Afterward, we all settled down to watch the debate. Ahh ... I was so glad they wanted to watch the debate. I was scared I'd be the only one. What a great debate! I thought Bush did very well. I loved the "need some wood?" quote. We laughed and laughed. The thing that struck me most was that Kerry seemed his dry, know-it-all, plastic self, and Bush seemed passionate. He seemed real. And his answers were on-target. Clearly, his aides remembered to slip him the can of whoop-ass this time.

After that, I was quite tired. It was 10:30 p.m., past my bedtime. The rest of the folks wanted to go to a karaoke bar, but I said I'd stay home. My week in Overwhelmedland had left me exhausted. I looked forward to crawling into bed, reading a few pages, and conking out.

But no, I didn't want to be a Boring Person, so I went along with them at the slight urging that ensued. Mistake. I grew crankier and crankier as the night wore on. You can probably tell this from the blog entry I posted when we got home. I should just stay home when I've spent a week in Overwhelmedland and am subject to crankiness. (note to self ...)


The guys left for their golf tournament and Analisa slept late. That left me with the morning to myself, so I got quite a bit of writing and music theory work done. Around noon I woke her up and we headed to Asheville for some shopping and Saturday-afternoon traffic. Argh. I am the world's worst hostess. Then that night we hung out, played Scrabble, and listened to music.


We all went to breakfast then took a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The leaves are changing, and it's really beautiful. I so want to go on a backpacking trip with Dan soon. I miss the woods.

Yesterday evening I helped with a class at the church, then played softball with some elementary-age kids. Why is it that I connect best with folks who are either under age 12 or over age 70? That has always been the case.

After that, a bunch of us (adults and youth) went to the rec center to play beach volleyball. That was a lot of fun, even though I didn't know a lot of the people. It feels good to finally be making some friends, NOW THAT I'VE LIVED HERE FOR OVER A FREAKIN' YEAR.

Got home around 8:15. Practiced a bit of piano, watched a bit of TV with the hubster, read for a few minutes, then crashed.

That was my exciting weekend. And this is my exciting blog entry. Hope to post more later today, but for now I have a new project at work that needs to be finished sometime before last Wednesday. One of those kinda projects. Signing off for now ...


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