Safe & Sound

I'm on vacation, so I can't blog much. Just wanted to let the world know that (1) my family is safe in Plaquemine; (2) Sherry and Rebecca are safe in Kenner; and (3) our Asheville-area house is not under water, although several surrounding communities are.

I called my mom and she said that Sherry and Rebecca were welcome to stay with her and my dad if they needed to evacuate, but those girls were smart and had already evacuated north to Mississippi. Luckily, the hurricane shifted and didn't hit New Orleans, though others weren't so lucky.

I'm just happy that the people I love are safe. Whew. And it looks like our flight back to Asheville is still on. Though Asheville and surrounding areas are going to need a good, long time to recover from Flood #2 of 2004.


Sherry said…
Thank you so much, Nina, Gwen, and Hugh! We were all very lucky, especially you, Nina and Dan, given that the storm completely missed us here in southeast Louisiana but made a beeline for your part of the country. How is it that North Carolina gets the worst of the hurricanes? Didn't y'all just recover from Hurricane Frances there? If I were you, I'd move back down here :)

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