Plaquemaniacs and Pageantry

Congrats to Plaquemaniac Jennifer Dupont, who was First Runner Up in the Miss America pageant this weekend!

I don't generally follow these things, but I think it's pretty cool that someone who looks kinda like my old friend Amye Dupont (and is related to her somehow, I'm sure) made it that far in the pageant. And she lives in Plaquemine, my hometown. Very cool!

I was in a beauty pageant once, when I was about six years old. I think I probably came out last. I think my friend Staci Hebert must have won that one, along with every other beauty pageant she was in (except for the ones her cousin Nancy won). They were beautiful and did that sort of thing all the time--walking gracefully, smiling for cameras, and such. I did not smile for cameras. I was a shy kid who just stared at my very pigeon-toed feet when in a crowd.

Then I was in the "Queen Sugar" contest in high school and probably came out last again. That was OK with me. The next year, they contacted me to participate in the contest once more, but I had to decline, since I was leaving the next day to work in a kitchen in Yellowstone National Park for the summer. I've never fit the mold of "beauty queen," and found that I could fit the mold of "folksongwriting-kitchen-help-hippie-hiker-type-with-hairy-legs-and-no-make-up-and-a-bottle-of-rum" much better.

Of course, Dan has long wagered that I would win first place in the "Most Beautiful Woman Living At Our House" contest. Which is quite an honor, considering I would be up against the lovely Hideaway cat.

What a ramble. I really need to get to work ...


Staci said…
From one Plaquemaniac to one who has escaped:
You know I can hardly remember my name, so I only remember these alleged beauty pageants based on pictures my mom showed me. I can't believe that you remember all of that! How do you do it? I'll have you know that you made a mistake in your writing that I wanted to correct. I NEVER lost to Nancy! HA! I hope she reads this! And where exactly does beauty go? I mean...why did I not win Ms. America this year? Ha! In those pictures from my childhood pageants, I had a little fat pudgy face, beautiful blonde hair with course (from hair spray) wringlets, and little fat rolls on my legs and arms. I still resemble that girl today....still have the fat pudgy face, blonde hair (bleached brown roots), and wretched course hair that reminds me of a broom I once had (with no hair spray), and "not-so-cute" little fat rolls on my legs and arms (with cute little indentations that look like cottage cheese). I guess that's why God says to be beautiful on the inside because the outside goes to pot with each aging year! Anyway, it was funny to read about myself on the internet. In your defense, you were a beautiful girl on the inside and out growing up. I hope you and Dan are doing sure sounds like you are. Have a great day!

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