One Hundred a Week!

Oh, my. I never dreamed it. "A Sort of Notebook" has had more than 100 hits (105, to be exact) since I installed a counter one week ago. I figured I had about four regular readers (Sherry, Amy, Stacey, and Veronica). My mom, sister, and husband read the blog only at my urging. I think a couple of people at my dad's office read it occasionally. But 100 hits in a week?? Even if those four regulars visited 20 times each? That's about 10 times more hits than I expected.

And then that dear, sweet Cousin Veronica went and said nice things about my blog on her own (now updated AGAIN!!) blog. Perhaps I'll ask her if she'd like to form a two-person Mutual Blogmiration Society with me.

It's a-gonna be a good day. It HAS to be a good day, when one's blog hits the 100-visitor mark. I have lots of work to do, but no immediate deadlines, so the atmosphere in l'office is pretty relaxed. I'm feelin' good. Hippity hop.


Anonymous said…
Now aren't you fancy getting a counter? Email me and tell me how ya did it! Confession: You're on my favorites list and add blogs so frequently that I probably do hit at least 20 times a day, but that's just me :)

Waterfall said…
Well lookee here, I'm in the middle of an e-mail to you at the very moment that you post your comment! I'll e-mail you re: the counter. It's so much fun.
Anonymous said…
I must check you four times a day. Ahh, housewife life.

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