A Not-So-Bad Good Ear

Yes, I have a good ear and a bad ear. My bad ear is pretty deaf and beyond hope of a hearing aid. My good ear (the one with the hearing aid) isn't so good, either. Or so I thought.

I just took some "ear training" tests on an Ear Training site I found during my coffee break and got 31 out of 35 intervals correct.

And I got 7 out of 10 on the "perfect pitch" test!

I love making good grades.

Seriously, I like this site. As a wanna-be composer, I think I'll find it quite helpful. Only during coffee breaks, of course.

I promise, I'll post more interesting essay-like blogs soon. I'm just snowed under at work this week. :-(


Sherry said…
This ear training site ummm isn't nice. It assumes you know something about music.

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