Monday, September 6, 2004

Mindless Labor-Night Ramble

OK, so this won't be much of an update because I'm tired and am going to bed soon. But my head is full of bloggable things, so I'm hoping to write a bit more on this site over the next few days. It's still going to be busy at work, but I'm sure I'll snag a few minutes here and there to write something. Maybe I'll even write something interesting. Just maybe!

I must say, though, I have thoroughly enjoyed these three days away from computerland. I owe lots of people e-mails (between work busy-ness, e-mail overhaul, and hard-drive coma, I didn't have a lot of e-mail time or access last week), so stay tuned, All To Whom I Owe E-mails. I have not been very good at keeping in touch this last week.

This Labor Day weekend purty much consisted of the following:

- Snuggling

- Practicing (piano, for all the new folks)

- Reading

- Hiking

- Cleaning house

- Hangin' out with my newly 31-year-old sister

- NOT surfing the 'net

- NOT watching TV

- NOT writing technical things (woo hoo!)

Maybe I'll write more on those later. Maybe not. Anyhow, here are my conclusions for the weekend:

1. I love snuggling. Thankfully, Dan and the cats also love snuggling.

2. I practice piano a lot more now than I did as a 12-year-old. I enjoy it a lot more now, too.

3. Brave New World is a really, really good book.

4. I miss my pre-grown-up summers when I could sit in a tree all day, reading Encyclopedia Brown and Danny Dunn books.

5. Hiking is the best method of stress-relief that I know of.

6. I will never learn to love cleaning house.

7. I think I would be a good English teacher during the five years before the typical teacher burn-out set in.

8. My sister, Megan, is very cool and wonderful.

9. I have deep, meaningful thoughts when my mind is not encumbered by internet chatter, television, or the goings-on of my day job.

10. I need a patron. You know, like artists and poets and composers had in the old days. Any volunteers?

Time for sleep. Tomorrow, it's back to the old grindstone ... the "wake-up-at-four-o'clock-a.m.-to-write-then-go-work-out" grindstone.

Hope everyone had a good Labor Weekend.

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