Happy Birthday, Gwenny!

Yes, September 11 was a day of tragedy, but it's also my beautiful mom's birthday.

It was also a day that brought the country together, albeit in grief. It united us, for a time. For a little while at least, it made us think--made us really consider and realize what in life is truly important, and what is not.

And it made me appreciate, even more, all of the good, caring, loving people in my life. And Mrs. Gwen is right up there, at the top of that list.

I have lots to write about Mrs. Gwen, but it was hectic at work today and we're leaving at the crack of dawn this morning for several days, during which I will not be at a computer. So, I won't be able to write a proper Happy-Birthday-Moma blog until I get back. So stay tuned.

And meanwhile, Mrs. Gwen, have yourself a wonderful birthday! I love you.


Sherry said…
Waving Hiya Gwen! Sorry, hurricanes left and right here, a journey away, so this is really really late, but here goes:


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