Booger Memories, and a Recipe

For several days, I've been documenting an upgrade of a piece of software my company designed. The software has several "modules," and each module has a different color scheme. When I started on a new module a little while ago, I saw that its decor consisted of black, yellow, gray, white, and that light olive/Army green that my friend Anh and I used to call "booger color."

We started calling it booger color in sixth grade. Anh moved to another state the following summer, and although we mailed a million letters to each other over the next few years, we did not continue to have the close friendship of booger-related giggling that we had as 12-year-olds.

She and I only recently got back in touch with each other and have had a blast sending silly e-mails that are reminiscent of our silly letters of years past. And we still laugh about booger color.

What is funny is that, whenever I've encountered booger color over the years, it always makes me think of Anh. She and booger color will forever be united in my memory.

Now, don't you love googling odd things? I do. So, when I encountered my company's booger-colored software interface, I did a whimsical Google search on "booger color" and found an enticing recipe for "Boogers on a Stick." Good thing I wasn't sipping coffee as I read it, because I would certainly have snorted with laughter and spit coffee all over my keyboard.

Just click this link for Halloween recipes and scroll down to "Boogers on a Stick." The recipe was clearly created by someone with an enviably twisted sense of humor. And it gave me the best laugh I've had all morning.

I know what I'm making for the Halloween office potluck!


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