Q: What's worse than being so snowed under at work that you don't have time to blog?

A: Having your hard drive go into a coma so that you can't work OR blog for seven hours.

That's what happened to me yesterday.

Of course, there are much worse things than that going on. Poor Florida is about to be torn up by another hurricane, and the whole hostage situation in Russia has gotten scarier. From Bloomberg:

Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Russian troops stormed a school in the country's south, after hostages started fleeing the building where armed terrorists had been holding as many as 1,500 people captive for two days in Beslan, North Ossetia.

More than 200 wounded were taken to hospitals, Interfax said, citing Lev Dzugayev, spokesman for North Ossetia's government. Russian broadcasters NTV and Rossiya showed children escaping and gunfire and explosions could be heard during the broadcasts.

Can you imagine that happening here in the U.S.? Scary, isn't it.

Dan and I stayed up to hear the Prez's speech last night. There is something about W's optimism and idealism that makes me just want to go out and Make the World a Better Place. It makes me wish I'd become a teacher or a social worker, or maybe a presidential speechwriter. It makes me want to sluff off this cushy tech writing job and do Something Important. I know that writing and composing are important, but I also feel like I should be doing something more immediate: counseling pregnant teens to put their kids up for adoption, or teaching people how to read. I just underwent training to tutor adults in reading over the past couple of months, so I may be teaching people how to read before long.

Well, it's time to quit thinking about doing Important Things and go back to the less-important task of writing software documentation that few will ever read. But when I take breaks I'm gonna hang out here.

Here's a quote that made me smile this morning:

"This coffee is a sporty, tasteful cup with a jaunty creaminess." (Description of the "Coffee of the Day" at a local coffee shop. I don't know. I just found that description rather amusing.)


Sherry said…
Thank goodness for our strong president and our fantabulous military! And I am proud that my son is a part of that. And I'm extra proud that most Americans today are supportive of our troops, despite Kerry's diatribe, when he so strongly put down the people who served in Vietnam even though he (very shortly) did so. How sad.

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