Whine, Interrupted

I wrote a huge, whining entry about what a bad day it's been, but then I deleted it. Why? Because the "bad day" aspect was the result of the following:

1. Having to re-install Microsoft Office twice because Word became demon-possessed

2. Having a less-than-stellar piano practice because my right thumb was feeling arthritic

3. Thinking my co-workers hated me (which is a dumb thing to think, but I do dumb things sometimes)

4. Forgetting today's lunch in the fridge at home

5. Noticing that Enorma has returned (Enorma is my pet zit. She camps out on my chin, quite visibly I might add, one week each month. I don’t know where she goes for the other three weeks, but I wish she’d stay there. I’m not particularly fond of her.)

So, anyway ... if that's a bad day for me, then my life is pretty darn good.

So I'm going to spend my blogging break being thankful for the good things in my life.

Here are some of the things/people for which I am most thankful (in no particular order, except for #1):

1. Wonderful husband, with whom I'll celebrate a one-year wedding anniversary next month

2. Sweet kitty cats who are my pride, joy, and favorite snuggling companions (after Dan, of course)

3. Loving family (Mr. Hugh, Mrs. Gwen, Megan, and Ghent) that I adore

4. Strong birthmother (Sherry) whom I also adore

5. Good friends (whom I also adore)

6. Cool imaginary friends (can't forget those!)

7. Home located in one of the most beautiful areas of the country

8. Pet dinosaur named Bingo

9. Passion and talent for the piano (arthritic-feeling thumb notwithstanding)

10. Good job (Microsoft demons and occasional periods of boredom notwithstanding)

11. Special secret relationship with Gilligan (shh, don't tell)

12. Bengal Roach Spray

OK, so I made up some of those. Can you guess which ones? I guess I should also be thankful for the ability to be silly and make stuff up.

There are many sick and dying people out there, some of them in my own family, some of them among my family's friends. But I'm thankful today that my immediate family is healthy and that I'm healthy. Things really aren't so bad after all.

On that note, I'm heading home. Need to build up my reserves for tomorrow's struggle against the powers of Microsoft Word demons ...


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