Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Top 10 Reasons Hugh Baxley is a Wonderful Father and Should Have a Very Happy Birthday

10. A-ha, Sani-flush! (Don't ask.)

9. Who else will order three desserts with you—and two spoons?

8. He makes a mean pot o’ cawfee—and a li’l decaf.

7. He’s the most affectionate father ever and has probably patted our backs more times than we thought pattable.

6. Mabel and Clio kitties loved him, so he must be lovable and deserve good things.

5. He can have entire conversations with people he doesn’t know … even though they seem to know him.

4. ‘Cause my dad is better at tennis and ping-pong than your dad. So there.

3. He exemplifies that thing parents are supposed to have for their kids: unconditional love.

2. He never seems to run out of silly pet names for us.

And the number one reason Hugh Baxley is a wonderful father and should have a very happy birthday …

1. Two words: DIRTY BIRD.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

From Nannie Gwen
"Dirty Bird"!!!

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