Sad Endings and Happy Beginnings

Sad news first ... Clio Baxley, a beautiful, sweet, and very playful Himalayan-looking kitty, was put to sleep this weekend because she was suffering horribly from cancer (we think). She was a good kitty that brought happiness, comfort, and many laughs to us all with her playful antics. My brother, Ghent, found her as a stray when he was living in Houston, but my mom and dad "took custody" of her when he moved to Seattle. They, of course, grew very attached to her, and saying good-bye has been heartbreaking for my mom. Luckily, Ghent visited a few weeks ago (he had since moved to New York and was getting ready to move BACK to Seattle), and he got to spend lots of quality time with his baby.

And now, for the GOOD news. Talk about a happy beginning ... or beginnings!

Luc Steven and Eli Thomas LeBlanc were born July 27, 2004 at 8:10 and 8:12 p.m., to my old friends Annie and Barret LeBlanc. Congratulations, Annie and Barret! In the picture above, Eli is on the left and Luc is on the right. Eli kept reaching with his hand to find his brother. Luc just kept sleeping, but he did turn his head toward Eli when he realized his brother was next to him.

Happy 95th Birthday, Lincoln penny. Happy Belated Birthday, Jan McBride and Ellen Naquin.

Is it Monday already?

No, I still haven't found the chipmunk.


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