My Amy Is Getting Fame-y

What time is it, everyone?

You know what time it is. Yes, you do.

It's time to go out and buy the Spring 2004 issue of Budget Decorating Ideas, a special publication of Woman's Day magazine!

What? You don't typically buy Woman's Day publications?

Hm. Oh, but you'll want to buy this one. Or at least glance through it. Even you, Jonathan.


Because my dear friend, Amy Powers, has products featured on pages 8 and 28! And if you look at the Table of Contents, you'll see a detail of one of her teapots.

Well, they aren't really her products and teapots. Her company, Inspire Company, sells them. And she owns the company. So they really are kind of hers.

If you were at my wedding, you'll remember Amy as one of my bridesmaids. She was the one who was taller than me and wore a long reddish dress with a V-back ... oh, wait, I'm describing ALL of the bridesmaids.

Anyway, I hope you'll look for this issue on your neighborhood magazine rack. Silly Amy told me, "if you get a chance, look at Budget Decorating Ideas by Woman's Day."

HA! If I get a chance! As if I'm not going to buy 12 issues tonight when I go shopping for groceries!

Silly, silly Amy.

I've added her website to my list of links.


Crawdaddy79 said…
I don't do the 'decorating' thing. :/
Waterfall said…
Maybe this is a hint! (ha--kidding!)

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