Thursday, August 26, 2004

Music I'm Addicted To

OK, for all you grammar sticklers, I'm talking about "Music To Which I Am Addicted."

J.S. BACH: Mass in B Minor

I've been stuck on this one for weeks now. Nay, months. I cannot get enough of it. It makes my eyes tear up. It makes my bosom heave. It makes me feel at one with God and the universe. It makes me feel as if all is right with the world, after all. It is miraculous.

And that's just how I feel when I listen to it, to say nothing of the way it engages the mind. It's so satisfyingly intellectually complex, with the voices coming in from seemingly everywhere, but with everyone in such amazing harmony. And I know for a fact that I don't have the musical knowledge to fathom how miraculous it truly is. All I know is what my ears--okay, my good ear--tells me. The very first part--"Kyrie Eleison"--is just incredible. It's about 10 minutes long, and I listen to it over and over again. I have entire hours of my life that are divided into sixths--the six ten-minute intervals that I spend listening to "Kyrie Eleison."

BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 5 in C Minor

It's overdone. Overplayed. Everyone is sick of it. Everyone knows it.

Not really. Everyone knows the first four notes of it. Or maybe the first eight notes. But who has taken the time to really listen to it and study it in depth? Not me. The thought of it is overwhelming. You could spend your entire life studying this symphony and still leave stones unturned. I'll admit that I've never really, REALLY, TRULY listened to the Fifth Symphony. Oh, I've heard it as background-wallpaper music (a travesty), and I've heard it at symphonies. I'm sure I have a CD of it somewhere that I've listened to a few times. But I've never REALLY, TRULY listened to it. Never took the time to listen repeatedly for the themes, the interrelations, the differences and similarities between movements, the flowering of C major out of C minor. Never took the time to study the score. Never took the time to research what's been written about it. So I'm doing that now.

CHOPIN: Nocturne in B-flat Minor, Op. 9, No. 1

I'm not addicted to listening to this one. I'm addicted to PLAYING it. This is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful pieces of piano music ever written. That's been my opinion ever since I first heard a recording of Arthur Rubinstein playing it. It's long been on my list of pieces I want to learn for myself on the piano. So I learned it, with the help of Deborah, my wonderful piano teacher. Actually, I'm still in the process of learning it. I haven't "graduated" from it yet, but I have it down pretty darn well.

Wanna know why I have it down so well?

'Cause I can't stop playing it, that's why!!

PAUL SIMON: An American Tune

The tune from "An American Tune" was actually adapted from a Bach chorale. I knew this, but I didn't know which chorale. So I'm at the piano, workin' on theory, playing through some Bach chorales, and suddenly I realize I'm playing "An American Tune." A-ha! It's a beautiful melody. So I dug up my tape of Simon and Garfunkel's Concert in Central Park and have been listening to it a lot, mostly on my Walkman while working out. Here are the lyrics.

Theme Song to Law and Order: SVU

Hello, everyone. My name is Nina, and I'm addicted to Law and Order: SVU. So I'm addicted to the show, and not really the theme song. But because I'm addicted to the show, the sound of the theme song sets my pulse going. It's an addiction that I've been trying to overcome, but it's difficult, considering it comes on about five times a night. What's worse is that the new series starts up in a couple of weeks.

And to think that I didn't own a TV until 2001. And to think that I used to have a "Kill Your Television" bumper sticker on my car. Oh, woe is me. How the mighty have fallen.

Silly Song That Shall Remain Unnamed

This is the song that Dan and I "wrote" as we hiked the Long Trail together. We sing it to each other all the time. It's silly. But I guess you could say it's our love song. We'll sing it to each other on the PCT. We'll still be singing it to each other at our 25th anniversary. We'll still be singing it to each other when we're eleventy-one. We'll sing it to each other forever. I always have it playing in my head. It makes me think of Dan. It makes me smile.

Enough mushiness. So anyway, that's the music I'm obsessed with these days. And so this won't be a completely navel-gazing post, I'll ask ... What are you listening to these days, dear readers?

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