Sunday, August 15, 2004

Held Prisoner, by George

Help! Help! I can't stop playing! I need to work on a writing project, and I need to clean house, and I need to go work out ... but I can't tear myself away from the piano!

It seems easy enough. I dressed to go work out three hours ago. I'm on my way out the door ... but wait, let me just go practice my c#-minor scale again, real quick ... and whaddaya know, it's an hour later, and I'm still at the piano. The c#-minor scale got practiced, then I moved on to another scale, then to the Chopin, then to something I wrote, then to some ragtime tunes, then ...

OK. I'm going to go work out. Or write. Or do something other than play. I gather my notebooks for writing. I have the overdue library books. I'm on my way out the door. I'll go to the library, then work out. But oh geez, I left my water bottle next to the piano. Can't work out without the water bottle. Let me go get it.

Getting the water bottle ... wait, let me just play "Edelweiss." For some reason that song has been in my head for two days. I don't have the music, but I have a by-ear version I play. OK, I'll just play "Edelweiss," then I'll go.

Wow, that's a pretty song. Let's play another pretty song.

Twenty minutes have passed. I really need to go. Need to stop playing pretty songs and get moving.

Oh, but while I'm here, I may as well practice the g#-minor scale. And these arpeggios need work.

Forty-five minutes have passed. Now I'm flipping through the Baptist Hymnal, playing whatever strikes my fancy, making up fun arrangements as I go.

I really need to go work out. My butt's getting tired of sitting on this piano bench.

I have all my stuff. I'm ready to go. At the door. Ready to walk out. Now I have everything: keys, purse, water bottle, Walkman, rockin' Rick Springfield tape for the treadmill, and ... oh geez, I left my headphones on the piano.

I'll be just a second getting them ...

Ah, I love those rare days when there is absolutely nothing that I have to do!

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