Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Girls Here, Boys ..... Over ..... There

I really don't want this to become a boring news blog, but every now and then I find an article of interest to me. And since this is MY blog, I'll share those articles. Like the one I'm gonna write about now.


Here's an interesting article about how single-sex education is being encouraged and adopted by some schools, with promising results. The article tells us that "at least 11 single-sex public schools will open this fall in six states Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, South Carolina and Oregon." In addition, the number of public schools in the U.S. that offered single-sex classes has increased from four to 140 in less than ten years.

As a graduate of a women's college, I find this interesting. My view, if you can call it a view, is that single-sex education is a Very Good Thing, though it's not necessarily for everyone. It was for me. I never would have taken so many science classes in college if I had been at a co-ed college. I would not have participated as much as I did. And, to be quite the honest little blogger, I probably would have gotten myself into a LOT more trouble if I'd been at a co-ed college, as well!

Terry O'Neill of NOW says that "segregation [of the sexes, I presume] has historically always resulted in second-class citizens." I dunno. Tell that to Madeline Albright, Barbara Bush, Julia Child, Hillary Clinton, Geraldine Ferraro, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Margaret Mitchell, and Nancy Reagan--all graduates of women's colleges.

Plus, my mama went to an all-girls school, and look how good she turned out. And don't forget the most excellent Amy Powers, whose inspire company is the place to shop on the internet for unique and beautiful gifts.

I'm no expert on the pros and cons of single-sex education; for example, I don't know what kinds of studies have been done on how the effects of a single-sex college education is different from a single-sex elementary, middle, or high-school education, etc. But, I think it's dumb, dumb, dumb to pooh-pooh it a step backwards and as a recipe for second-class citizenry for women. If anything, it can ultimately make women more confident, capable, and successful. Men too, for that matter (both Dubya and John Kerry went to all-boys schools).

At least that's what I opine. What do you think? Anyone? Anyone?

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Anonymous said...

I concur 100%.

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