Beethoven, Blogging, and Beau

"What silly trash are you scraping away at now? You know that I can't bear that; scrape according to the notes; otherwise your scraping won't be of much use."

--Johann van Beethoven, to his young son Lugwig, upon hearing little Ludwig improvising and composing rather than playing the music that had been set before him.

Last night I started a new book: Beethoven, by Maynard Solomon. I was on the elliptical machine at the health club, ready for a good one-hour sweat-fest. I had the headphones ready; the plan, as usual, was to watch "Friends" re-runs for the hour-long workout. Normally, I also have a magazine to read during the commercials. But last night, I decided to start reading a book I'd just checked out from the library: this biography of Beethoven. I figured I'd get the preface, intro, etc., read during the commercials.

I casually started reading the front flap while half-watching the first two minutes of "Friends." But I was soon hooked on Beethoven. I took the headphones off and started to read in earnest. Before I knew it, I was at the end of Chapter 2 and I'd burned 550 calories and it was time to go home. Before I went to bed last night, I started reading it again and stayed up, reading, for two hours. So I'm tired this morning. I'll probably have more comments, quotes, observations, etc., on this book in future days (hold on to your seats!), so stay tuned.


The Belch asks, "How do you ever find time to blog? I would think that would be a full-time job."

Well, Belch, remember all that time I used to spend e-mailing you ... ? Now I use that time to blog!

Seriously, it helps that (1) I'm a chronic journaler and always have potentially journal (blog)-worthy thoughts running through my head anyway, begging to be released into the written word, and (2) I type like a madwoman, something like 90 wpm. I blog a bit before work, a bit at lunch, a bit during the afternoon lull. Some folks take cigarette breaks, gather in the kitchen for coffee, or go to restaurants for lunch. I don't. I blog. Among other things.

And for me, a blog is kind of like a trail journal, but without the trail. The real question for me should be, "How do you ever find time to transcribe Nocona's PCT journal?" To that question, I have no answer!


And a very Happy Birthday to yet another family member, the Critter-Catching Kitty himself, Beau. It's hard to believe that eight years ago today, our ferocious feline was a tiny, wet, mewling, blind, and squirming creature.

Our Beau gets a bad rap because he's been known to bite and attack humans (in addition to small creatures). He can't help it that he comes from a long line of feral cats and may actually have some bobcat in him. He's actually my sweet angel and is a Mama's Boy through-and-through. He loves his Daddy, too. Happy Birthday, Little Fella.


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