Approval Rating Plummets

I'm talking about Beau's approval rating, of course.

This time, he had a friend for Mouse #1. At 2:30 in the morning. Heralding his new catch with the usual "M-E-E-E-O-O-O-W-W."


Actually, I was sound asleep, so Dan, having gotten home only an hour or two before from his Ohio trip, was the one who got to see it and yell at Beau.

Good and excellent animal lover that he is, he rescued the poor, frightened mouse and put it back outside. And yelled at Beau some more.

We're fixing the cat door today so that our darling little Mouse Maimer can get out during the day, but he can't get back in unless we let him in.

Won't he be surprised!


Anonymous said…
Reminder: Post the picture of Dan on Mt. Katahdin. (Did I spell that right?)


Cousin Stacey

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