Adventures in Technical Writing, Part I

Today I’m writing documentation for a software application that allows public safety personnel to fill out electronic forms. Say you’re a police officer and are giving someone a traffic ticket. You would fill out the ticket electronically using this software. Ultimately, the information you enter gets transferred wirelessly and dumped into a big-daddy records management system application.

That application, in turn, can tell you all kinds of things: if the person who got the ticket was a witness to a crime three years ago, it’ll tell you. If the person who got the ticket is associated with a gang, it’ll tell you. Heck, if the person who got the ticket thinks impure thoughts while watching old “Laverne and Shirley” re-runs, it’ll probably tell you. This system stores a LOT of stuff. I oughta know … I wrote the documentation for it, too. Three hundred and fifty pages, baby!

And who said technical writing is boring?

(Me? Did I say that?)

I’d better go now.


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